Sunday, March 19, 2017

Art Educator Spotlight - Betsy Wellfare - Monday, March 20, 2017

I'd like to introduce you to Betsy Wellfare!

Betsy Wellfare taught art at Charlotte High School for eleven years where she ran an Art Club, traveled abroad with students to Paris, Spain, and Italy as well as directing student musical and play productions. In this video Betsy talks about her theatre and art programs. She still teaches various art and art history classes for Michigan Virtual University and Relevant Academy. This year Betsy is an Interim Art Education Instructor for Michigan State University and began working as a Field Instructor with art education interns in the Grand Rapids and Lansing areas. 

Betsy's favorite quote:

Betsy's favorite thing about teaching art is that it has allowed her to share her passion for art with her students and spark their creativity. Betsy's instruction focuses on her "Fail Big" policy where she encourages her students to embrace whatever happens during the art making process as they work towards artistic growth through creativity problem solving. Betsy's most memorable moment is when a student lights up during the art making process and they get swept up in the creative current.

Currently she's working on illustrating and writing a children's book about dinosaurs and is part of an art exhibit that includes some of her mixed media and embroidery work going on display during Art Downtown at the Light Gallery in Grand Rapids, MI. 

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