Sunday, April 23, 2017

Retired Art Educator Spotlight - Claudia Burns - Monday, April 24, 2017

I'd like to introduce you to Claudia Burns!

During Claudia's twenty-three year teaching career she taught all grades but spent most of those years teaching high school art. She retired from Ann Arbor Public Schools in 2014. One of her favorite things about teaching art is "when the light of recognition goes on, when a student expresses pride in their work or when a new skill is acquired, moments of collaboration between students, hearing a student articulate their learning as they reflect back on it."

Claudia's favorite art quote:

Claudia's most memorable teaching moment:
"For years I taught a group of Aspergers guys. Their group project one semester was a chess set (clay) and board (tiles.) I remember them regularly playing chess with that set afterwards."

She's been very busy since retiring from the classroom. Claudia worked as a developer/writer for the MAEIA Project, creating model assessments for MI art teachers. She was very involved in developing an Arts Integration federal grade project with the River Rouge School District. Currently, Claudia is learning about being a painter. She is also designing and creating icons, murals and mosaics for churches in the Ann Arbor area.

Below is an acrylic painting created by Claudia. She feels that it is important to not only teach art but to also create art oneself as an art educator. This piece was part of the 53rd Annual MEA/MAEA Art Acquisitions Purchase Exhibition

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