Sunday, May 7, 2017

Past Art Educator of the Year - September Buys - Monday, May 8, 2017

I'd like to introduce you to September Buys!

September is an Art and Creativity Educator at Greenville Middle School. In 2009 September was the MAEA Art Educator of the Year. 

Since then she has had two adorable little girls, and built a home with her husband Jason. She's been awarded as the 2010 Michigan Youth Arts Educator of the Year, 2011 NAEA Western Region Middle Level Art Educator of the Year, 2012 NAEA National Middle Level Art Educator of the Year, and 2016 Distinguished Alumni of Western Michigan University. She served on the writing team for the National Visual Art Standards (a three year commitment). September has taught an adjunct course for CMU and was invited and awarded a full scholarship to pursue PhD studies at Virginia Commonwealth University (which she ultimately decided to decline due to young family reasons). She has served NAEA as Middle Level Western Region Representative and just recently finished her term on NAEA's Board of Directors as the National Middle Level Division Director.

Her most memorable teaching moment to date:

     I honestly feel so lucky to get to do each day something that feels very little like work and more            like play. I love developing lessons and building relationships with my students. It is especially            rewarding when students come back to visit and tell you how much impact you've made. It's                usually in the little things.

September values creating right along side her students as well as continually working to find time to create outside of her busy schedule. Here are some of her recent artworks.

September's favorite art quote:

What does the future hold for September Buys? 

    Who knows? :) I am open to wherever luck and hard work takes me. I would love to take on a             curriculum development role at an ISD or large district level or full time college teaching                   experience at some point in my career. Right now, I am still enjoying the work of engaging middle       school kids.

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