Sunday, October 29, 2017

Art History Resources

Whether you are incorporating Art History into your lesson plans or teaching an Art History class I'm sure you'll find some of these resources helpful as you continually look to enhance and enrich your curriculum and instruction.
This website is a great resource for those wanting to incorporate a wide range of art historical moments into their instruction. It features really interesting articles about art history and art history instruction. There are a lesson plans for every historical moment through the history of art as well as thematic lessons. A page features many of the major art history museums and tips for planning a museum visit with your students.

Art History Bingo
This lesson featured on the Art of Education is a fun way to either pre-test or cover an overview of art history artists and artworks with a class. You can craft the Bingo squares to feature anything your classes are studying or you want to assess their knowledge about.

Khan Academy
Khan Academy has a ton of wonderful resources that include art history course content that you can sign up for and incorporate into your instruction.

TAB: Teaching For Artistic Behaviors - Art History
This TAB website features twenty-seven fantastic ideas to incorporate Art History into your curriculum whether it be through lessons or centers.

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