Tuesday, November 7, 2017

MAEA 2017 Conference Highlights - Tuesday, November 7, 2017

What a fantastic weekend in Detroit for those of us able to participate in the 2017 MAEA Conference! The co-chairs Lani Warner, Adrienne DeMilner, and Tanya Lockwood did a wonderful job planning our conference and making sure everyone had many great experiences to choose from during their time in the Motor City. Thank you so much!

Some of my most memorable moments from this past weekend include visiting the Detroit Institute of Art and getting to draw in the galleries. It's been awhile since I was last able to walk those halls and it brought back some wonderful memories of doing so with various student groups. It was also very exciting that there was a Monet/Church exhibit while we were in town.

It was wonderful to connect with the College for Creative Studies and be able to take workshops with their instructors. I thoroughly enjoyed Francis Vallejo's Experimental Illustration with Mixed Media. He shared so many exciting illustrators and their artistic processes. And it was wonderful to get to watch him work through one of those.

Other exciting workshops were trying out various pop up book techniques with Tamara Draper, creating Microscope Slide Pendants with Jill walker, learning about Visual Journals with Jennifer Kay-Rivera, getting to try Pyrography with Dawn Jacobson, bleaching t-shirts with Laura Todd, creating Domino Pendants with Kendra Lincourt, and hearing Endia Beal talk about her photography series and film projects to date.

Part of a Dia de lost Muertos at the DIA

Laura Todd teaching us how to bleach t-shirts

Creating Domino Pendants

Drawing in the Galleries at the DIA

Tamara Draper teaching us how to create pop up books


Congratulations to this year's winners Tricia Erickson, Tamara Draper, Donna Emerson, Eugene Clark, Pi Benio, Sandy Britton, and Steve Harryman! It was wonderful to celebrate your accomplishments at the Awards Banquet Saturday night.

We look forward to seeing you in Kalamazoo next year!

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