Sunday, July 16, 2017

Art Educator Spotlight - Joy Bender Hadley - Monday, July 17, 2017

I'd like to introduce you to Joy Bender Hadley!

Joy has been teaching art for fourteen years for the Marquette Area Public Schools. Her favorite thing about teaching art is "watching the students utilize their magnificent creativity. I really enjoy when they feel good about what they did in class." A highlight of her career to date was being chosen the 2015 Art Educator of the Year for the Marquette Area in May 2015. 

Her favorite quote about creativity is:

Joy's most memorable teaching moment is currently in progress. She and her students are currently working on a huge outside mural that is 65' x 12' and has taken a year and a half to complete. Almost every student at her school has helped with the mural at some level. The neighborhood is thrilled. This is just the most recent of her community based art projects created in the Marquette area over the years.

Joy is an active full-time artist as well as an art teacher. The WOW Art Studio in Marquette, MI is consider her art home where she creates and teaches. She exhibits in her community on a regular basis. Below are several of her works. She explores a wide range of media and styles but often has an overriding theme within her body of work.

The image above shows Joy at work teaching and creating works outside of her traditional public school classroom.

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