Sunday, July 23, 2017

Tech Resources for the Art Room - Monday, July 24, 2017

Here are some neat tech resources I've discovered this summer that perhaps you could utilize in your classrooms. All are free to the public and range from design oriented to art history instruction or supplemental resource material.

Maybe I'm late to the game with this but I just discovered Google Fonts. It is a huge directory of fonts available for free online through Google. You just download the font you like and then copy and paste into your Fonts folder on your computer and it is accessible in any program you have access to fonts. I used it to create my personal logo in Photoshop after trying to use a website to create it but not being able to manipulate the letters with ease. The font I had fallen in love with wasn't a Photoshop font. So I started Googling and low and behold discovered the ease and beautiful of Google Fonts. If you are in need of some font updates I highly encourage you to check it out.

Here is a neat article I found online that discussing adding word bubbles to digital art reproductions as a means for getting kids talking about art that they are learning about in class. 

Google has come out with a really wonderful resource that features interior tours of seventeen world famous art museums. Don't have the access, funds, resources, time, etc... for a field trip? Now you can take your students through these wonderful museums without leaving the classroom.

Art Babble is a website that houses a large collection of short videos about artists and artworks. They are currently featuring a collection of videos about Andy Warhol but also cover a wide range of topics related to art. There is a link specifically for educators within their website to help art educators hone in one relevant videos and those that may be more kid appropriate.

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